Extra Large Plastic Hangers 47cmExtra Large Plastic Hangers 47cm

Extra Large Plastic Hangers 47cm pack of 10


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Product Description

Extra Large Plastic Hangers 47cm wide specifically designed for plus size clothes.

Made from strong, durable black plastic. As a result suitable for hanging large coats, jackets and outerwear.

In addition, use our extra large tops hangers to hang large shirts, jumpers and cardigans.

Anti-slip finish on shoulders help prevent clothes from falling off or creasing.

Also, perfect for hanging plus sizes in jackets and coats in retail displays. The strong metal hook fits easily on garment rails and swivels 360 degrees for ease of use.

Our product reference J47B.

Only available in packs of 10 due to limited stock remaining.

Plus Fast, FREE DELIVERY across Ireland

Order now Extra Large Plastic Hangers in handy packs of 3 at Great Prices. HURRY LIMITED STOCK!

Size Guide


Please note this is a general guideline only 



Baby & Toddler  (up to 3 years old)  suggested hangers 25cm to 30cm (9” to 11”)

Children (3 to 12 years)  suggested hangers 28cm to 36cm (11” to 14”)

Teen (from 13 years)  suggested hangers 36cm to 42cm (14” to 16”)



Men’s Chest Size                                            

Small 90cm to 96cm (35” to 38”) suggested hangers  38cm to 43cm (15” to 17”)

Medium 97cm to 105cm (38” to 41”) suggested hangers 43cm to 46cm (17” to 18”)

Large / XL 106cm to 125cm (42” to 49”) suggested hangers  46cm to 50cm (18” to 20”)

Woman’s Irish/UK Size                               

Small 6 to 8  suggested hangers 38cm to 43cm (15” to 17”)

Medium 10 to 14 suggested hangers 43cm to 45cm (17” to 18”)

Large / XL 16+  suggested hangers 45cm to 50cm (18” to 49”)



Men’s Waist Size

Small 71cm to 76cm (28” to 30”) suggested hangers 28cm to 34cm  (11” to 13”)

Medium 81cm to 86cm (32” to 34”) suggested hangers 32cm to 35cm (12” to 14”)

Large / XL 91cm to 106cm (36” to 42”) suggested hangers 38cm to 42cm (15” to 17”)

Woman’s Irish/UK Size                                  

Small 6 to 8 suggested hangers 28cm to 34cm (11” to 13”)

Medium 10 to 14 suggested hangers 34cm to 42cm (13” to 17”)

Large / XL 16+ suggested hangers 36cm to 46cm (14” to 18”)


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