Tie Hangers

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Tie Hangers at the Best Prices

Buy now from our wide range of stylish tie hangers perfect for hanging ties. Handy packs starting at just 10 direct from the factory at the best prices.

Organise your ties and keep them neat and tidy. Also known as tie hooks they are are an essential wardrobe item.

Tie Hangers Manufacturer

Order direct from the manufacturer and save money. Get the best deals from hangers.ie because we have our own factory in Ireland. Cut out the middleman today! After all, why pay more to a wholesaler?

Plastic Tie Hangers

Choose from our wide range of black plastic tie hangers including T1A, T2A, T3A and T4A. All Ideal for hanging ties neatly in wardrobes and also perfect for retail display. Simply secure ties over the plastic arms to stop them from slipping off. Ties, including silk ties, do not snag or crease because of the smooth plastic surface. Also, made with a flat space saving design.

Tie Hangers and Suit Hangers in One!

Hang suit jackets, suit trousers and ties on just one hanger! Use our best selling multi-purpose Dormer Hanger. Simply hang ties over the tie bar on the Dormer Hanger. Also available in black, blue, green, red, white and yellow.

Printed Tie Hangers

Use printed hangers to promote your shop or brand. Imagine your logo printed on the label area beneath the hook. Very effective marketing and also low cost. Read more about printed hangers.

Tie Hangers in Small Packs

Buy small packs starting at only 10! Need more? Also, order packs of 50, 100 or box quantities.

Ordering small packs is simple on hangers.ie. Pay in either Euro or Sterling using our secure checkout. In addition, pay by bank transfer, credit card or your PayPal account. Also, FREE delivery across Ireland!

In addition, delivery is fast of usually only 1 to 5 working days because we keep large stocks.

Browse, order and pay in only a few clicks now at hangers.ie