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Organise Your Wardrobe using Rail Dividers!

Organise Your Wardrobe using Rail Dividers

Would you like to organise your wardrobe and make finding the right clothes easy? Well rail dividers are a very simple and cheap solution.  A wide range of customers use them to sort and organise clothes on garment rails in cloakrooms, stockrooms and wardrobes. Simply slot our rail dividers over garment rails to separate different types of clothes. As a result finding your favourite clothes is so quick and easy!

Our customers include retailers, dry cleaners, sports clubs, hotels, conference centres and nursing homes. People also buy our handy packs for home use to keep their wardrobe neatly organised. Easily slot our rail dividers over most standard garment rails. The hole in the middle of them is 3.5cm wide and 4cm high. In addition, attach labels to the large space on them and make finding garments even easier.

Help Organise Children’s Wardrobes

Help sort and organise your children’s wardrobes also. Use rail dividers to separate trousers from tops, jumpers from jackets and so on. A very simple and very effective way to organise your wardobe and also your kid’s wardrobes!

Rail dividers manufactured in Ireland! Yes we have made them in our factory for over 30 years. We deliver them across Ireland and UK. Also, we export them to trade customers across Europe. We produce them through injection moulding where we melt polypropylene (PP) plastic material. Next we use large steel moulds that press together to form the melted PP in to the correct shape. We use PP material because it is strong and durable and easy to mould.

We add masterbatch to the the PP material in order to change colours. Masterbatch is a concentrated mixture of pigments and transforms PP in to different colours. We produce rail dividers in a wide range of colours including blue, black, burgundy, green, pink, red, silver, white and yellow.

Use Rail Dividers to Organise Your Wardrobe

Organise your wardrobe with the help of our rail dividers. We sell handy pack sizes of 10, 50 or 100. Buy rail dividers direct from the manufacturer at the lowest prices only at

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