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Hang on in there during the cold weather!

Hang on in there during the cold weather

It sure is cold out there! Siberian temperatures are sweeping across Britain and Ireland bringing snow and ice. Stay warm and stay inside if you can. However, wrap up with jackets and sweaters if you must travel. Also, don’t forget your gloves, scarf and woolly hat. Hang on in there during the cold weather!

Keep Warm with Jackets and Sweaters

Wear layers of clothing to keep warm including a good sweater and a thick jacket. Don’t risk heading out with a light coat that fails to keep your dry and warm. A knitted wool jumper is perfect for very cold weather.

Wear bright coloured jackets when visibility is poor because of snow.  In addition, a jacket with a hood is best for keeping your head dry and warm.

Keep Jumpers and Sweaters in Perfect Shape with our Knitwear Hangers

Knitwear Hangers K46B

In this cold snap have you gone to put on your warmest jumper and it is out of shape? Failing to wash a woolly jumper on a delicate cycle at a low temperature is the main reason for this. However, the second main reason is hanging it on a small or poor quality hanger that easily bends. For example, wire hangers or a small plastic hanger are not strong enough to hold heavy knitwear.

Hang jumpers on large plastic hangers with strong metal hooks to keep them in perfect shape. Knitwear hangers, such as our K46, keep wool jumpers in great shape. This is because they are strong and an extra wide 46cm. In addition, they have anti-slip grips to hold sweaters in place.

We know that sometimes you open your wardrobe and can’t find your heavy coat. You only wear this heavy coat a few times a year in the coldest weather. However, you open the wardrobe and only see a flimsy coat hanger and no coat. You look down and there at the bottom of the wardrobe is a creased and slightly dusty heavy coat. Not great!

High Quality Plastic Jacket Hangers

Jacket Hanger J46B

Hang heavy jackets on good quality strong plastic hangers. This is stop them falling on the floor and creasing up or getting dirty.  Plastic jacket hangers, such as our J42 or J46, keep heavy jackets and coats in perfect shape. As a result of their extra wide design they are strong enough to hold heavy jackets without creasing. In addition, both hangers have metal hooks that are strong enough to hold heavy coats. Our J42 plastic jacket hanger is 42cm wide and ideal for smaller size outerwear. Also, our J46 plastic jacket hanger is 46cm wide and great for larger coats.

Don’t forget your Scarf and Woolly Hat for Extra Warmth

Wearing a thick jumper and heavy coat and still feeling cold? Have you forgotten your scarf and woolly hat? Don’t lose too much body heat and wear a warm scarf and a woolly hat. Who cares if you may look funny? You will at least keep warmer!

Finding the scarf you wear only a few times a year can be tricky. After all is it in the car? In a drawer? In your wardrobe? The wondering scarf is hard to track down so you need to tame it. Hang it up in your wardrobe!

Keep Scarfs in Order with Scarf Hangers!

Scarf Hanger RS1

Scarf hangers have one main purpose. To keep scarfs in order and make sure your scarf is hanging up neatly when you need it!

We make a wide range of plastic scarf hangers in our factory in Castlebellingham, Co. Louth, Ireland. As a result we know how to design a great scarf hanger that your favourite scarfs love!

A Favourite Expression of The Hanger Experts

Stay warm during the cold spell. Wear the right clothes, scarfs, hats and gloves if you venture out. As a favourite expression of The Hanger Experts goes ‘Hang on in there during the cold weather!’

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