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Celebrate St Patrick’s Day with Green Hangers!

Green Hangers from

It’s the time of year to celebrate all things Irish. Whether you join a St Patrick’s Day Parade or just enjoy a few pints of the black stuff. Discover Irish influence all across the world including green hangers made in Castlebellingham, Co. Louth!

Green Hangers

We are the only manufacturer of clothes hangers in Ireland. Therefore, we have produced a range of green hangers to celebrate St Patrick’s Day!

Made in Ireland

The Hanger Experts at are proud to be Irish. As a result, we export plastic clothes hangers made in Ireland to many countries.

Green Children’s Hangers

We make a wide range of bright green children’s hangers that kids love! Our range includes baby hangers and kids tops hangers.

Green Baby Hangers with Bar

aby Hangers with Bar C6 Apple Green

Hang baby and toddlers outfits on our C6 baby hangers with bar. As a result of the bar they are perfect for hanging little baby grows, bodysuits and sleepsuits. Also, they are ideal for hanging infant clothes including tops and little trousers.

In addition hang little dresses and skirts on our C6 hangers. Secure dress and skirt loops over the shoulder notches.

We also make C6 hangers in a wide range of lovely colours including blue and pink. However, celebrate St Patrick’s Day and order them in green!

Green Children’s Tops Hangers

Childrens Plastic Tops Hanger Green ECOD26AG

We manufacture a beautiful range of green children’s tops hangers. Our ECOD hangers are perfect for hanging children’s tops because of their stylish design. Also, hang dresses on the loop hooks. In addition, choose between 26cm, 30cm and 36cm ECOD hangers depending on garment size.

We also produce ECOD hangers in a wide range of lovely colours including blue, pink, red and yellow.

Green Suit Hangers

Dormer Hangers Green

The Dormer Hanger is our best selling suit hanger. Why? Simple, it is the best value suit hanger you can buy. Hang suit jackets, suit trousers and ties on just one hanger!

As we make our hangers in Ireland we of course make green Dormer Hangers! In addition, we produce Dormer Hangers in black, blue, red, white and yellow.

Green Shirt Hangers

Plastic Shirt Hangers BB45 Green

Hang your favourite shirts and t-shirts on our BB45 hangers. Leading retailers and dry cleaners prefer our BB45 hangers because they stop shirt collars from creasing. Made in Ireland and also made in green. Perfect for hanging those fun Paddy’s Day t-shirts!

We also make BB45 hangers in black, bronze, red, silver and white.

Green Rail Dividers

Rail Dividers Green

Organise your wardrobe using our green rail dividers. Simply place rail dividers over garment rails to separate different garments. As a result finding clothes is so much easier.

We make rail dividers in a wide range of colours but green is our favourite!

Recyclable Hangers

All our plastic hangers are green not just because we are Irish but also because they are recyclable. Use our hangers many times before recycling them. We grind up our hangers at the end of their life. We use the material to make new coat hangers or other plastic products.

Happy Green Hangers Day from The Hanger Experts

So by now you probably realise we like green hangers. We are proud to be Irish and proud to make coat hangers in Ireland.

Happy Green Hangers Day (St Patrick’s Day!) from The Hanger Experts!

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